Friday, March 18, 2011

Still Alive

Slightly side tracked but still here.

I've been fiddling around with updating my website with a program called SiteSpinner. Everything about it seems perfect except for the lack of built-in photo galleries. I can't get photos in a scrolling box at all so I'm having to work around it by making the pictures tiny. They open in a new window like the current version of my site. Taking that into consideration, the Graphics section is probably out unless I make numbered pages. I don't think I really need that section anyhow. I mostly had it for my own reference. Here's a sneak peek of the new version:

I figure I'll keep the backgrounds of my blog and my site matched. I've got a little while left on my trial version of SiteSpinner, but I think when it's up I'll go ahead and get the program. Not sure when I'll go live with it but I'm going to get as many pages changed over as possible first.

My leg armor came to a screeching halt for a while. The Chavant clay didn't really work for me so I had to ask around for recommendations on a different clay. The good folks over at the RPF suggested Klean Klay so I got some samples of it and decided I liked it. I ordered 12 more 1lb bricks in extra firm which I hope will show up before this weekend. Here's the mess I made with the Chavant which had to be scraped off later.

I've taken some high res shots of her armor and other details so I'm going to print that out to have in front of me while I sculpt this time around. I considered even making them life sized and using them as patterns. Whatever works.

This weekend I'll be switching rooms around to have a larger area for my crafting supplies so I'm rather excited about that. I'll still try to make time for sculpting my armor once the furniture is all in place.

Just read that Katie's wig books are arriving at her house tomorrow! The long wait is finally over ^___^ I feel like I should be planning for a midnight release party XD