Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Blog!

In my continuing efforts to get back into cosplay, I've decided to keep a project journal of sorts. I'll be posting progress pictures, links, ideas and anything else related to whatever project I happen to be working on or thinking about working on at the time.

The costume I have picked for my wicked huge cosplay comeback will involve some armor making. To that end, I submit these two sites...

digitalEMERALD- instructions for fiberglass armor construction

Armour Archive-patterns for various historical armor pieces

In all likelihood I'll be using a combination of these two methods. For the parts that aren't very detailed or oddly shaped I'll probably use the patterns to make a base out of Wonderflex. From there I could do one of two things. I could try to smooth out the Wonderflex with Friendly Plastic or I could fiberglass the Wonderflex instead. Fiberglass may be the better option since it will lend some rigidity to the piece while also keeping my surface textures consistent throughout the suit. For the parts that cannot be satisfactorily achieved within the limits of Wonderflex I will resort to sculpting and casting as seen in Emerald's instructions.

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