Monday, December 5, 2011


I've settled on my first costume for DragonCon...
Movie version Supergirl! I loved this movie as a kid and always wanted a Supergirl costume because of it so now her time has come. I rented the movie from Netflix and got quite a few screen caps and scoured the internet for information on the costume. I turned up a lot of "authentic" Supergirl costumes but I'm hesitant to use them as a resource. On with the break down!

First, a couple shots of the entire costume:

 In the one on the right you can see a little bit of yellow peeking out from under the skirt indicating that it's lined in yellow fabric. I'll have more pictures later on confirming this.

Here are a few shots of the so-called authentic costumes. The one laying out on the table might be the real deal but I'm more skeptical about the three shots on the dress form. I do believe that the suit is separate from the skirt as pictured in the table shot, I'll have screen shots later to support this. Also note the little bit of yellow at the bottom of the skirt in the table shot. The strange boot pantyhose hybrid is throwing me for a bit of a loop. Hereafter they will be known as "bootyhose". From these photos the bootyhose appear to be made from some type of spandex judging by the sheen but if you turn your attention to the two pictures above you'll see that they have more of a pleather look to them. Based on that, I'm calling their bluff on that costume and will not be taking the bootyhose into consideration while constructing my costume.

 Now for some screen shots of the boots:

The first two shots show her flexing her feet when she first gets to Earth. They have quite a wrinkly appearance in the first shot which is smoothed out when she points her toes down. In subsequent shots they don't appear to be quite so wrinkly when she's standing and the ridge down the front either just isn't as apparent or it isn't there at all. I'm wondering if these boots weren't specially made for this shot and this shot only. Moving on to the third shot we can see that her sole appears to be a red rubbery coating on the bottom of the boot. I don't know if Plasti-Dip would do the job for this or not. The third shot clearly shows definition in the shape of the boot complete with pointed toes- further evidence against the bootyhose. I can't see a zipper in any of the views so I believe they were pull-ons though there does appear to be some overlapping in the back that can be seen in the last two shots. It's possible that they have a hidden zipper, I suppose. On that note, I just found an amazing Superman tutorial on League of Heroes that I think I'll be referring to quite a bit during the construction process.

Here's a quick shot showing the skirt lining.
Skirt is unmistakably lined in yellow

I see you, zipper!

 Here's a look at the S symbol on the back of her cape and if you look in the second shot you can see where her skirt zips up in the back.

 I decided to go ahead and do the bracelet as well. I'm not sure how I'm going to get it to light up just yet but I'll consult with people who have more experience with that kind of thing when the time comes. For the base I can probably get some kind of sheet metal and cut a thin strip then bend it to shape. The decorative parts can possibly be built with Apoxie Sculpt though I worry about cracking.  I can get a clear gem like that pretty easily. It'd be ideal if I could find a base bracelet to build on instead of using sheet metal. I'll just have to keep my eye out for these things.

I think I'm off to a pretty good start. Now I need to consider fabrics and start ordering swatches. Hopefully most of them will be free because I'm not exactly swimming in cash right now. I aim to get the samples here in the next couple weeks so I can possibly put any Christmas money I might get toward buying fabric. That could all fly out the window if I have bills due. They have to come first but with any luck I'll be able to get some fabric and ring in the new year working on Supergirl. 

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